Our Partners
Our flagship open source software solution is Liferay and is the ideal platform choice for the delivery of personalised and intelligent spaces to deliver the the right information, no matter where it resides, to the right people.
Alfresco is an enterprise open source software content management platform which enables businesses to store, share and collaborate around enterprise content in any combination of on-premise or cloud deployment.
Alfresco Activiti is a light weight Business Process Management Platform and has an easy to use interface for business users which fits with the philosophy of OnePoint. Activiti either be part of the Alfresco Content Management solution, or a stand-alone solution, on-premise or in the cloud.
Our Leadership
Paul Robinson, Director of Consulting
“We built Permeance around a culture of taking ownership, seeing projects through and retaining an independent viewpoint.”
Shayne Tanner, Director of Sales
“At Permeance we take a business-first approach. If we're solving business problems we need to work with the business.“
Terry Mueller, Technical Director
“Our technical teams operate at the intersection of business needs and technology delivery.”