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Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Personalised multi-device, multi-channel familiar experiences are the new norm. DXPs deliver personalised and familiar experiences, much like the old corner store, where they know you and what you like. They can mostly predict what you’re likely to buy. DXPs that are connected to rich data sources allow you to learn about your customers and improve their experiences, ongoing.

Citizen Engagement Platform (CEP)

CEPs deliver, on behalf of governments, digital experiences to citizens. CEPs if implemented correctly have the ability to remove the fear citizens have when interacting with government bureaucracies. They aim to deliver experiences that are respectful, personalised and familiar which meet the user on their terms (device, location, context, etc…).

Consulting & Advice

It has to start with an agnostic view of how to address your needs. Next, it’s about bringing value, something you didn’t already know. Of course, our consultants are exposed to many industries and sectors and have broad understandings of both the challenges you face but also how to best approach solutions. We’re the experts! That is whether we’re working with your team/s or across multiple (vendor) agencies.

Enterprise Search & Testing

The key to delivering websites that don’t reflect organisational structures is powerful and accurate search that builds trust and confidence immediately. DXPs and CEPs need to be powered by exceptional search technologies, we know that and it’s what we do. Our testing practice has its own website located here.

Our Partners


We bring our knowledge and experience to deliver a reimagined user journey and seamless solution.

OnePoint is our delivery and consulting framework backed by the right technology to deliver your DXP or CEP so we can reimagine the activity, the process and the required outcomes. Enablement is the key as IT projects become less technical empowering business to harness new opportunities and better understanding customers/citizens.


The delivery of intuitive digital experiences is underpinned by our four key pillars. See our Pillars section.

Common Vocabulary

We employ an agreed common vocabulary around the product, one that’s more about the business than IT but understood by both. 

Fast & Enabled

Agile methodology with DevOps development practices and BiModal IT. Fast and innovative while respecting the steady and secure.

Commoditised Shirt Sizes

Providing a framework to ensure both business and IT can engage going forward, easily and simply.


Realise greater returns from your existing technologies through graceful integrations.

We believe intuitive digital experiences are realised by applying these key pillars.


Personalised and familiar experiences are based on respectful interactions. We don’t repeat questions or ask things we already know about them. Of course, unless something has changed.


Digitalising processes provides many opportunities to reimagine how we interact and engage users to improve both experiences and increase productivity. Of course, the process and compliance remain it’s just invisible to the user.


Removing barriers such as complex logins, not asking questions we already know the answer to and embracing technologies such as biometrics and facial recognition the user experience becomes frictionless.


By building respectful, reimagined and frictionless interactions, considering the users many contexts and devices, they become experiential with invisible processes, workflows and integrations.

Culture & Values

Permeance has been built around a culture of taking ownership and retaining an independent viewpoint.

We encourage thinking outside the box and lots of blue sky thinking. That’s how digital enablement is fostered. Our values inform everything we do and help us achieve more and create a workplace we all enjoy.

Focus on the customer
Be reliable and trustworthy
Learn, teach and grow
Be inventive and entrepreneurial
Engage with the challenges
Be respectful and meaningful

People &

Our diverse team is made up of UX Architects, Interaction Designers, Technical Specialists, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Enterprise Software Testers and Content Managers working across ours and our client’s locations.

Permeance’s people are encouraged to be flexible and adaptable. To embrace the speed of change that is challenging our clients and their users.

Of course, all of that must be, and is, driven by our leadership.

Paul Robinson
Director of Consulting
Shayne Tanner
Director of Sales
Terry Mueller
Director of Technology

Deliver with difference

We’re 45 people across Australia who are passionate and committed to helping our clients engage better and become familiar with their users and familiar to their users. We do this by delivering innovative, exciting, functional solutions that harness existing investment in their BoBs (Best of Breed Solutions).

Our company values guide us in concert with our clients to achieve our best. We’re small enough to care but big enough to deliver BIG.

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